BYE BIKE takes off at Intermot 2014


The spanish brand dropped the curtains on its new range of mopeds in the german exhibition

BYE BIKE mopeds have been shown for the first time at EICMA 2013 (International Motorcycle Show in Milan) and now they are a reality. After several months of further development, new models are on the streets. ONE and ONE+ are based on the prototypes that have been introduced at the Italian exhibition in November 2013 and which received visitors, media and professionals attention. In INTERMOT (from October 1st to 5th in Cologne, Germany) the brand based in Crespià (Girona, Spain) introduced its new range, which have incorporated several technical updates and design innovations to increase its performance and attractiveness. 

• ONE and ONE + pick up classic moped concept but updated with the latest technologies and materials.
• ONE and ONE+ become the first mopeds with 2-stroke 50cc engine to meet European Euro 3 emission regulation.
• BYE BIKE range has a two-seat and a single seat version, two different 50cc engines (one limited at 45 Km/h and another at 25/30 Km/h) and three body paintings.
• Regarding the prototype presented last year, new models have introduced many technical updates aimed at reducing fuel consumption and emissions, as well as several design improvements.