The best accessories tailor-made for your BYE BIKE.

  • Cargo rear carrier

    Ref. BB01-45430-00-810
    To load a big cargo.
    Steel finished in black. 540 x 300 mm.
    For all models with single seat.

  • Cruise windshield

    Ref. BB01-45610-00-810
    Windshield. 370x310 mm. Light smoked.
    For all models.

  • Delivery box

    Ref. BB01-46751-00-810
    Polypropylene (PP). 85l. Rear opening.
    350x520x520 mm
    Dimensions included in the homologation.
    For all models with Cargo rear carrier.

  • Handle

    Ref. BB01-45410-00-810
    Allows the passenger to ride safely.
    Steel finished in black.
    For all models.

  • Integraded anti-theft system

    Ref. BB01-49210-00-810
    Handlebar anti-theft system. Perfectly integrated in the vehicle. Fast and safe.
    For all models from frame number: UBJBB1101F0000055.

  • One rear carrier

    Ref. BB01-45440-00-810
    To load a small cargo.
    Steel finished in black. 365 x 200 mm.
    For all models with single seat.

  • Top case rear carrier

    Ref. BB01-45420-00-810
    Ready to install a top case.
    Steel finished in black. 260 x 230 mm
    For all models with double seat.